Once you have enrolled your company with Anthem Claim Management, you simply refer customers needing to submit a damage loss claim to Anthem Claim Management, and we will take care of the rest. Claims will be documented upon receipt, notice will be sent the claimant and the claim will be resolved within the time frames stipulated by state and federal law. The information on this page will provide a basic outline of our claim process and what both Household Goods Movers and their customers can expect.

The Process

Federal law allows carriers up to 120 days to process the claim and provide the consumer with a response. When a complete claim is received by Anthem Claim Management it is date stamped and logged. Within 30 days of receipt of a complete claim, notice is sent to the customer acknowledging the claim has been received. An average claims are processed by Anthem Claim Management within 45-60 days of receipt.

What is needed for a claim

A claim is not considered submitted unless all the elements constituting a claim are present:

  • A letter briefly describing the claim and any grievances
  • A list of the items claimed as damaged or missing
  • The value attributed to the items claimed
  • Copies of the Bill of Lading and the Household Goods Descriptive Inventory signed at delivery
  • Pictures showing the damage claimed
  • Additional evidence supporting your claim

Full Value Replacement claims should also provide the following:

  • Receipt proof of purchase for claimed items
  • Manufacturer, Model information & Year purchased
  • 2 Repair estimates for damaged items. Estimates must clearly describe the repairs to be made and must be limited to the damage claimed
  • The value sought for each item claimed

Third Party Insurance Claims

Claims should be submitted to a claimants third party insurance provider first and then through Anthem Claim Management. Regardless a claim must be submitted to Anthem Claim Management within 9 months from the date a shipment was delivered to be considered for compensation. Primary insurance carriers will typically subrogate a claim to Anthem Claim Management to recover the carriers portion.

Claim Review & Coverage Recommendation

The claim is reviewed by an adjuster and evaluated on the merits of the claim. A coverage recommendation* is made which is consistent with the terms of the contract, the level of valuation coverage chosen on the Bill of Lading or Valuation Addendum and relevant law.

Release and Settlement of Claim

Once the claim has been reviewed, the claimant is sent a Settlement Letter explaining how the claim was adjusted and a legal document, the “Release and Settlement of Claim” . Once the completed Release and Settlement of Claim is received by Anthem Claim Management, notice is sent to the carrier so that payment arrangement can be made.

Payment of Claim

Anthem Claim Management is a third party administrator, not an insurance company. Anthem Claim Management does not issue payment. It is a moving companies responsibility to pay claims.

Not Satisfied with a Settlement or Coverage Recommendation?

If a claimant is unsatisfied with a coverage recommendation we may refer them to your arbitration program. Federal regulations require that long distance interstate movers companies have claims and arbitration process in place. Anthem can assist if you would like additional information on arbitration requirement or enrolling with a provider.

Need to File a Claim?

Visit our claim gateway site My Move Claim for more information and claim forms.